Tania De Gasperis

Tania is a multi-disciplinary designer and a researcher at the Adaptive Context Environments Lab at OCAD University where she completed her MDes thesis exploring an Agile, Foresight-Informed AI Governance Framework for Socially Responsible, Complex Adaptive Systems. She was a Researcher for the Montreal AI Ethics Institute and recently, a graduate of the Imagination Catalyst Incubator.  Tania competed and won the 2019 Cryptochicks Hackathon for the Business Track with her co-founder Vesta Korniakova. Together, they created Abstrakta: a DeSci project focused on the upcycling of multidisciplinary, near-time pre-publication research. She brings a UX lens and Strategic Foresight approach to her interest in decentralized technologies.

  • Abstrakta
  • Co-Founder