Siju Ramakrishnan

Siju is a Product Leader, who enjoys every aspect of building human-centric products with emerging technologies. He is passionate about building and scaling product teams and bringing innovative products to market. Siju has experience in diverse industry sectors across the globe, which helps him empathize with various user problems from different user communities.

Siju has been working on Reality-UIs, Web 3.0, and Quantum Computing since 2014, and has been speaking about them at multiple conferences and universities across the globe. He also co-founded Metalynx Innovation Lab with his Business partner Vincent Sundar from the Radnus Group. Together they have been primarily focused on Web 3.0 technologies and offerings through Metalynx. He is also currently consulting and advising various Canadian and Global entities on several emerging policies, technologies, and other topics from numerous domains.

  • Product Leader
  • Metalynx Innovation Lab