Sami Tauber

Sami Tauber (VNCCII) is a multidisciplinary creative futurist, technologist, Metaverse story creator, global keynote speaker, music producer/singer-songwriter/DJ/live performer/visual artist that has crafted a strong authentic vision and fresh sound palette. In the Metaverse, VNCCII innovates across the verticals of storytelling, music, gaming, audio-visual, virtual production and technology. An innovative audio-visual project that extends from screen to stage with a fusion of phygital XR, AR, & VR live stage shows. Her upcoming Space A.I Opera Sci-Fi novel accompanies her debut Metaverse music album that’s ripe for adaptations for phygital live entertainment shows, movies, musicals, animations, fashion shows, virtual real estate, and blockchain gaming. At the forefront of Metaverse thought leadership and tech, if she is not conquering the global Metaverse conference circuit discussing individual sovereignty, avatar identity in the Metaverse and the Web 3/ MetaFi creator economy at conferences such as SuperVerse Dubai, The Creativity Conference, World Metaverse Show (Dubai), Leap, NFT Expoverse, NFTCon, NFT Show Europe, or Immerse Global Summit Europe, VNCCII addresses your deepest tech futurist and A.I philosophical questions with special guest thought leaders (ie. Cathy Hackl) for her ‘Future Humans’ broadcast show, streaming live as her avatar via Unreal Game Engine. VNCCII is listed as one of the Top 10 personalities disrupting the music industry in 2022, your next favourite music Metastar (IPSOS 2022), a Top Featured Women Thought Leader of The Future, a featured Metaverse influencer by DappRadar, Most Dynamic Entrepreneur in the Entertainment Industry 2022 [APAC Entrepreneur], a Celebrated Leader ruling in the Music Industry 2022 [CIO Today], as well as a featured Global Icon 2022 for Passion Vista Magazine. Her overarching mission is to challenge societal expectations and to empower and elevate the consciousness of humanity in the Open Metaverse and beyond.

  • Chief Metaverse Officer and Founder