Rebecca Kontosic

As a web3 consultant, founder, investor, and fundraiser, I have over five years of experience in the blockchain and crypto space, helping brands and projects leverage new technology and grow their communities. I am passionate about educating traditional brands about new technology to identify the possibilities of web3 and decentralization.

At Dark Capital, I lead Operations and Incubation, working with web3 startups and investors to facilitate partnerships, funding, collaboration, and innovation. Feel free to connect to learn more about fundraising and/or BD alignment.

At L.O.T.L., I founded a blockchain marketing and education platform that collaborates with global brands such as SmileyWorld and Space Runners to create engaging and interactive content and experiences. I also write and speak regularly about web3 trends, opportunities, and challenges, sharing my insights and expertise with diverse audiences around the world.

  • Dark Capital
  • COO & Partnerships