Raza Jafri

Raza Jafri is a world-renowned speaker and global entrepreneur with experience building organizations from the ground up. He comes from humble beginnings and has a desire to keep social impact and human-centric values at the core of all his endeavors. His latest venture, MetaWorldX, builds world class digital twin environments for cleantech and smart city organizations. He completed his graduate studies at Queen's University where he obtained an Executive MBA from the Smith School of Business in Kingston, Ontario. He holds a bachelor's degree in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. He loves motivating next-gen entrepreneurs, playing hockey, traveling the world and architecture. Raza Jafri speaks multiple languages and in his spare time volunteers building education focused charities particularly supporting orphans in developing nations. He also serves on multiple boards and advises tech founders in Canada and the United States. 

  • MetaWorldX
  • CEO