Neeraj Srivastav

Neeraj Srivastava is a pioneer of enterprise blockchain technology and one of the earliest advocates for using blockchain to revolutionize the financial and supply chain industries. He is the Founder and CTO of DLT Labs, which is a global leader in developing blockchain solutions using distributed ledger technology.

As an expert in financial cryptography at the Royal Bank of Canada, Neeraj led a team to be one of the first in the market to launch Apple Pay. During this time, in 2011, he came across the Bitcoin code base and intrigued, he delved deep into the blockchain code. He immediately recognized that blockchain could be applied far beyond cryptocurrency and its potential to revolutionize financial cryptography. Neeraj has spent the last decade bringing awareness of this to the world, starting with the financial and supply chain industries.

His first large-scale success with implementing enterprise blockchain technology was with Walmart Canada where Neeraj led DLT Labs to solve Walmart's supply chain challenges.This resulted in Walmart Canada increasing its operational efficiency by reducing manual reconciliation of third-party carrier invoices from 70% to under 2%. This success demonstrated what Neeraj had been predicting all along - that blockchain is capable of helping businesses generate significant operational and financial gains.

Neeraj understands the technology side as well as the business side of running a successful venture. Since his engineering days in college, he has been an advocate for real world applications of classroom learning and thus founded his college's first software incubator - an innovation hub so successful that it has become a model for other technology incubators. He has since added a Blockchain Lab to the hub and provides education and employment opportunities. He is passionate about mentoring students and young technologists in learning blockchain while also helping them develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Neeraj was the first to launch a developer level course on blockchain and continues to travel the world educating and speaking on the topics of blockchain and real-world applications of how it can revolutionize every industry. He serves on the Forbes Technology Council and IBM’s Blockchain Advisory Board.

  • DLT Labs
  • Founder and CTO | Inventor of Enterprise Blockchain