Mohamed El Kandri

Mohamed is a technology enthusiast and international speaker who is passionate about new technologies and committed to help grow the use of added-value technology solutions around the world.

Mohamed is the co-founder of "IR4LAB" and Director General of "Smart Transformation", he occupied various executive positions, including CEO of "FA Enterprise System" a Canadian company developing decentralized Blockchain solutions such as the "Fast Access Blockchain" platform, the US based decentralized exchange platform "Exchangily" and the platform "Artcryption" to protect and manage the intellectual property on Blockchain.

Mohamed is a committee member of the MC/ISO/TC 307 committee, an ISO technical mirror committee with an objective of creating international standards of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, the committee has over 56 participating and observing members.

He is also an executive member and Director of Education at Lassonde Professional Development (York University - Canada), a global technology innovation hub, and also led the C-Lab incubation program, the first peer-to-peer community-based incubation program for technology startups.

Mohamed is a program manager and instructor at Lassonde School of Engineering at York University (Toronto) where he is teaching the use of new technologies to future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Mohamed is a "Durland Innovation Award" recipient for a Blockchain use case.

  • IR4LAB
  • Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer