Huma Aslam

Huma Aslam, a subject matter expert in Fashion Innovation, is a multi-faceted, mission-driven executive and seasoned creative professional with a passion for digital strategy and a history of facilitating scalable business growth. Being adept in understanding consumer behaviours, global trends, and the international fashion industry allows Huma to be an insightful leader who can help build a successful global brand today and prepare for the future.

Along with an education in business and fashion design, she recently earned a Master of Management degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship to help brands enter the next evolution of fashion with digital design, digital assets, smart clothing & textiles, creative & digital brand strategy, innovation, web 3.0 & metaverse education.

Huma is the Founder of FIDA, the Fashion Innovation & Design Agency. FIDA’s mission is to help brands strategize on creating impactful storytelling & community building with engaging phygital (physical & digital hybrid) design and experiences resulting in a strong brand following.

  • Web3 Strategist