Armita J.

Armita is a distinguished expert in tokenomics and technical research in the fields of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and theoretical particle physics. She demonstrated her entrepreneurial acumen as the CEO and co-founder of a gaming startup, steering it to a successful acquisition within just one year of operation. Armita's academic credentials include two master's degrees in Business Management and Computer Engineering from premier universities, where she specialized in the integration of machine learning and finance, earning her multiple top-tier scholarships.

Currently, Armita holds the strategic positions of CFO and Tokenomics Director at a decentralized music company, bringing innovation to the intersection of blockchain and the arts. Her recent appointment to the research protocol team at Messari underscores her expertise and commitment to advancing blockchain research and development. Additionally, Armita serves as a board member at a Web3 public company, where she contributes to shaping the future of decentralized technologies. Her career is marked by a consistent theme of pioneering work and leadership in the rapidly evolving sectors of blockchain and Web3.

  • DEMU
  • CFO and Tokenomics Director